You have reached, but are you sure that is what you wanted? I know you probably like cats, and you definitely like hats, but what about the order? Aesthetically, it is a well known fact that hats comes before cats, if nothing else it's common gentlemanly behaviour.

Now, no harm done. It's been a long day, you're tired, all you needed were a few hats with cats underneath. That's understandable, you are after all merely a slave to your bodily demands, as are we all, but you must consider the implication of your actions, even in these trying times.

My suggestion is that you go make yourself a coffee, or maybe a cup of tea - whatever your beverage of choice is when you feel you have painted yourself into a corner. Take a moment away from the screen to contemplate the decisions in your life that lead to this moment, and then realise you are at a crossroad.

Now go on, make the right decision, go to