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The Eco squad's goal is to make the UK more environment friendly. To do this we aim to reduce the pollution by promoting public transport, cycling and electric cars. We also aim to have less litter, especially in large citys. Plant more trees and forests and build more parks where possible to help animals and a healther atmosphere.

More detail about our aims

Pollution is a big problem and cannot be ignored, so the eco squad will make sure pollution wont get worse. We plan to promote more eco friendly modes of transports, such as electric cars, cycling, walking and public transport. We will promote and support companys that design and produce electric cars and other eco friendly vehicals. We may even restrict cars that produce lots of pollution in some citys or areas. Stricter rules may be introduced to stop littering and more trash cans will be put on streets. More trees will be planted to help wildlife and give a fresher atmosphere. More parks will be built to also help make a better air and more oxygen.

TheEcoSquad people: Aron, Oliver, Senthujan and Steven